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Every influential figure has a story and Chronicles tells those stories from the point of view of six prominent individuals: sharing their first success, their first failure, and their most profound moments as only they could.

ROLE: Editing, Animation

Leland Melvin

Nasa Astronaut Leland Melvin is inspiring the next generation of explorers with his story of second chance, and his unconventional route to space.

Mick Ebeling

Film producer Mick Ebeling turned his father’s lessons of philanthropy into Not Impossible, a non-profit aimed at improving lives through technology.

Todd Jones

A one-time professional skier and commercial fisherman, Teton Gravity Research co-founder Todd Jones is today recognized as a pioneer in aerial cinematography.


Pamela Chen

National Geographic senior photo editor Pamela Chen transforms gigabytes of photographs from the field into the legendary magazine’s thought-provoking feature stories.

Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves combines a talent for still life photography with a fascination with the meaning that can be found in food.

Dave Arnold

Food technologist and cocktail guru Dave Arnold uses a variety of cutting edge technologies - from centrifuges to liquid nitrogen - in his question to produce the best possible cocktail.


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