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Driven by the Senses 2.0

Driven by the Senses 2.0
Presented by MOFAD & Infiniti

Behind the Scenes

Due to the success of 2015’s Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) partnership, Infiniti returned to sponsor MOFAD City — a multimedia collaboration between MOFAD and Eater that tells the stories of immigrant food cultures and entrepreneurs in neighborhoods around the country — and the opening of the Lab's second exhibition, "Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant." For a limited time, guests were greeted with an Infiniti QX30 with a 270-degree in-car VR experience.

ROLE: Creative Direction, Direction

270° Installation Videos

The three paneled layout is meant to visualize the 270° view guests would experience inside the car installation.

Chinatown, New York

Crown Heights, New York

Jackson Heights, New York

Little Village, Chicago

Little Saigon, San Jose

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