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To the Core

To The Core

Presented by the Marines


To The Core was in collaboration between Vox Creative and the United States Marines Corps. Through photography and films, the campaign chronicles the stories and lives of former Marines and the successes they found after serving.

ROLE: Creative Direction, Direction, Editing

Joseph Geeter: Finding Success in Service

The life of Joseph Geeter is nothing short of inspirational. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Geeter's life took an unexpected turn when his best friend joined the Marine Corps and showed up on his doorstep in uniform. From then on, his mind was made up.

The core values of the Marine Corps — honor, courage, and commitment — guided Geeter through his 25 years of service and continue to shape his life today. After serving around the world with tours in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines, Geeter is leading the charge in preserving the legacy of Montford Point, where the first African Americans received recruit training for the United States Marines Corps.

For Geeter and countless Marines just like him, the convictions he accrued during his service have benefitted him and his community long after active duty. "The core values of honor, courage, and commitment really resonate with me today," Geeter said. "They're not just Marine-core values, I think they're life-core values."

Steven Rhodes: “It was a no-brainer”

When Steven Rhodes first saw a Marines commercial, he saw leadership, integrity, and a commitment to legacy. On that day in 2008, Rhodes decided to join. While serving, he learned that discipline, humility, hard work, and determination are the keys to success.

Following five years of service, leaving as a Sergeant, Rhodes reported to Middle Tennessee State University as a walk on. After fighting for his right to play, he now plays defensive end and special teams, carrying the lessons he learned in the Marines with him onto the field.

In this moving video, Rhodes talks about the impact that being a Marine has had on his life, an experience that changed the destiny of his family, an experience he "wouldn't change for anything." Hearing him speak about it is humbling.

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